HR Policy & Procedures Development


  1. We conduct HR Audit in your organization to guide us on your organizational HR requirements.
  2. We develop HR Policies and Operating procedures that are custom made to your specific operation.
  3. We train your employees on the Policies and Procedures to ensure all
    understand what is expected.

Payroll Services


  1. We confidentially process your payroll every month.
  2. We Prepare payslips for your employees
  3. We file PAYE returns on your behalf on iTax
  4. We prepare all statutory deductions and submit every month before deadline.
  5. We will assist the organization and its’ employees with registration to statutory bodies I the event they are not registered.



  1. We shortlist candidates based on our client’s needs.
  2. We conduct Pre-interviews to ensure that the right candidate is presented to our client.
  3. We arrange for interviews based on our clients’ preference.
  4. We conduct reference checks on behalf of our clients

HR Manager

  1. We serve as your complete HR Manager who is at your office at specific periods of time.
  2. We monitor and implement the HR operating procedures.
  3. We ensure that all your employee files are well maintained with all requirements being up-to date.
  4. We shall maintain your staff’s leave records and ensure that it is in line the
    employment Act.
  5. We shall develop an organization structure that will clearly map out the reporting lines and the responsibilities of each position in line with the organizations goals.
  6. We shall create employee files and ensure that the files contain all required documents and are up to date.
  7. We shall ensure that there is a balanced work schedules and leave management
    for the employees this will provide consistency workflow on the working hours
    and that the employees are accountable for the time spent at work.
  8. The consultant as an observer to advise the client on the most efficient ways of doing business from a Human Resource perspective.
  9. Keeping the client updated on new regulations in the field of labor.